Quality Policy - Abazia S.p.A.
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Quality Policy

Abazia S.p.A. is at the disposal of its customers: this goal is achieved thanks to the women and men who work for the company, to the resources made available and to the collaboration of suppliers of goods and services.



Our daily work is based on the values in which we have always believed:

Workers’ well-being

Maintaining employment levels for the well-being of workers and their families.


Belief in the improvement and continuous growth of our quality standard through innovation, creativity, respect for the law, professionalism, ethical behaviour, openness to change and tenacity in the search for solutions. Always be outward-looking, carefully observing the world, society and the market in order to offer quality content and technology.

Enhancement of people and professionalism

Enhancement of people’s skills, potential, proactivity and commitment through fair, clear and consistent evaluation criteria. Participation and contribution to the decision-making processes of the company, within the different fields of competence, according to capacity and expertise, must represent a cornerstone for our business.

Creating value for shareholders

To always pursue the profitability of our products, our initiatives and the company as a whole. To create products that remain successful for a long time to come.

To preserve the conditions that ensure profitability, an essential requirement for the development of the company.

The commitment to achieve what is stated, both within our organisation and in relations with customers and suppliers, is and will be the method used to meet the goals set and the mandatory applicable requirements in any situation. Quality policy commitments are renewed annually in a plan of limited and measurable objectives, for the achievement of which the company is committed to providing all necessary resources and support.